Saturday, April 22, 2006

Election of Supreme Webmaster

Each fifth grade class will elect one Supreme Webmaster (SWM) who will craft the class home page. The other candidates will assist the SWM, and will help Team Leaders make their wikis.

Your primary responsibility is to craft three separate academic blogs, and to update and revise them now through June 15. You must not view nor post rude or otherwise inappropriate material, nor may you include personal information nor photos of students. If you see any inappropriate content, or receive comments from people you don't know, report it immediately to me and to your parents. Again, whether in the street or online, you do not converse with strangers! If someone you do not know requests assistance, summon an adult to provide it.


It is imperative that you vote for the candidate whom you believe has demonstrated superior Web design skills. Their Web page will represent your class, and will link to team wikis, which link to your three blogs.

Voting will take place during class, online, by sending a comment to this post. This means that:
1. You must be registered at, and must be able to log in.
2. You must know how to post a comment, using the word code feature and noting when saved.

Your vote will count only if:
1. You vote during class time.
2. You vote only once, on this post, not on any of those that follow.
3. You write the first name of just one candidate in your own class.
4. You write your first name and class # after the candidate's name.

Vote for just one candidate from your class, from the list below.

Joseph G.
Lenny M.
Nina G.

Andrew T.
Carmen M.
Elias G.

Molly H.
Samantha T.
Sasha S.
Rachel L.

Alain M.
Brett B.
Michal D.
Zachary R.

Christian D.
Dani Hupper
Evan S.
Miles C.

Results will be posted on, Student Projects, click on your class #.
Only the name of the candidate in each class with the most votes will be crowned Supreme Webmaster. The other candidates will be appointed as Webmasters, to assist Team Leaders and individual students.