Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Assignments for January/February

1. Remove from your blog all personal, rude, gross, and otherwise inappropiate content.

2, Change setting for "Add your Blog to our listings?" from YES to NO; leave other settings alone.

3. If you used my email address, hackbarths@aol.com, change it now to ps6m1@aol.com (from Dashboard, click on "Edit Profile").

4. Write for me your username and password so that I can monitor your work.

5. Under your current username, make a new blog named Class 5-30_

6. Create posts on this new class blog about each of your favorite school subjects.

7. Report to Dr. Hackbarth any inappropriate comments found on any students' blog. Offenders are subject to loss of Internet privileges, and possible suspension from school.

8. Make sure that your parents have your username and password, as well as my blog URL: www.hackbarths.blogspot.com, where they can see your assignments and post comments.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Parents: What is the value of blogging?

Dear Parents of 5th Graders:

We have a multitude of academic objectives for our 5th graders. Among them are skills in following directions, collaborative teamwork, language arts, and multimedia production.

Our 5th graders have advanced from evaluating school Web sites, to creating a Weblog (with several TERC geometry lessons in between). This has entailed careful selection and recall of usernames and passwords, crafting of a template, and posting topics for interaction with me and peers.

I encourage you to join with me in monitoring your child's blog (ask for URL), and welcome your comments and suggestions here.


Steven L. Hackbarth, Ph.D. (UCLA)