Thursday, February 23, 2006

Activities for March

We are making great progress toward creation of class Web sites!
Grace & I are very impressed.

Class members are working at three levels:

1. Webmaster candidates are crafting wikis at, to display their talents, and to identify their qualifications (see They will be the ones to create the class home pages, with links to team wikis and individual blogs. Their wiki URLs should be shared with class members, preferably on wall posters. The campaigns for election have begun, and student voters should look for evidence of Web design talent and leadership skill.

2. Team Leaders are identifying peers with interest in designing collaboratively thematic wikis (e.g., art, science, music, math, history, geography, computers). Each team leader must register at using her or his own email address, since passwords are sent to that address. Team members share the same wiki username and password so that they can contribute to development of their wiki from any computer at any time.

3. Individual students are refining their academic-oriented blogs, with the goal of ultimately being linked to a pertinent team wiki.

Please indicate which activities you are engaged in this week by posting a comment at the bottom of this post. You must include your first name and room number in your comment. Constructive suggestions may be included as well.

With all Web wishes,
Dr. Steven Hackbarth